The Zoom Room Phenomenon

By June 21, 2018News

In the past, group video conferencing was reserved for the boardroom, using expensive on-premises hardware. These onsite, hardware-based, video conferencing solutions needed a slew of technical parts, which functioned independently from one another. Fragmented meetings, due to connectivity, video or sound issues have caused a sense of discord.

These shortcomings spurred the need for a software-based options. With Huddle Spaces becoming more popular, the soft codec is becoming the new way for video conferencing. Until now, however, there has not been an exemplary solution.

Zoom finally got it right!

Zoom Rooms create a dynamic meeting space by fusing video conferencing with wireless document sharing. Participants are also able to join from any Zoom ready device. As a soft codec, meaning software-based, it cuts out the need for members to all be in the same place, or to rely on outdated technology.

Nevertheless, Zoom is just the software that allows for a flawless integration across your work-space. Pair with the best hardware to create a powerful digital communication environment for remarkable results. That is where the experts at AV Planners comes in!

Large and Crisp Video Displays

It is crucial to have your video conferences displayed on high definition monitors. Crisp and smooth displays can bridge the gap between talking to someone in person versus on a video call. Combining multiple screens within one system is highly recommended. Multiple participants can present and share graphics and documents on the screen, as well.

Optimized to show meeting schedules, give presentations or simply serve as information display boards is an extra benefit the screens perform in the Zoom system.

The Audio and Video Component

Additionally, to ensure that you hear the meeting members who are not physically present with distinct clarity, it is vital to have your huddle room optimized for ambient sound, which mimics that of natural conversation. AV Planners can acoustically engineer your room, equipping it with surround-sound speakers, soundproofing, and mics placed in strategic locations to best pickup sounds intended for the conference, while ignoring external sounds.

A third and vital component of any Zoom based system is one or many HD webcams, which allow participants to see you as clearly as you see them. With many choices in the market, it is often hard to decide which solution is best for your conference room. Being the case, we are able to assess your space, give recommendations and provide the best option for you.

AV Planners Provides a Comprehensive Solution to All Your Zoom Room Needs

Our expertise in hardware, software and wireless technology have cast us as market leaders in the soft codec, ‘Zoom Room,’ space. Absolve the need for excessive wiring, maintaining the sleek look of your modern workplace. Even more, our light design specialists can design a lighting solution to meet the needs of both audiences, through video and in person. Let AV Planners incorporate the Zoom Room software solution into your meeting spaces or design your digital meeting space from the ground up into a highly evolved, digital meeting space.

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