A Visual History of Computer Monitors

By September 22, 2016News

A Visual History of Computer Monitors



glass-teletypeThe ‘‘Glass Teletype’’ came about in the early 60s, it was text only but much faster and much more convenient than paper and so it became the main interface between a user and computer for nearly 2 decades.



Late 1970s

apple1Apple’s Steve Wozniak was one of the guys behind the Apple I, it was the first time a CCTV video monitor was used as a display, video outputs! Pretty cool huh?





Get ready for the nostalgia to start hitting… the Commodore 1702. The COLOR composite video monitor with it’s high(er)-quality image included early S-Video connection and really made your Commodore 64 look awesome! You know, to play Jumpman and stuff.




macintosh-ii512 by 342 pixel bitmapped graphics!!!! Yup, with it’s high-resolution, it was the sharpest and accurate color available, it was the Macintosh II and it changed everything.



ibm-8513-vgaDoogie Houser knows what’s up, showing off his IBM 8513 VGA monitor, yup, the very first VGA monitor that soon became standard in most analog video monitors after that for a long while.




Nothing to see here folks… just beige. Beige everywhere. ?



viewsonic-90sStill a lot of beige going on but ViewSonic was among the first to show off the color LCD monitors that took up less of your desk space and used up less electricity.



guy-with-many-monitorsThe more the better, this was around the time we wanted more. Multiple monitors weren’t just for photographers or editors, the workplace began to see many displays working together on one desktop.



pct2235-front-02Touch screen! It would be weird to have a screen you can’t touch. Our obbession with smart phones soon transferred over to monitors. They are fast, durable and dependable. Now they take up less space AND you can even go keyboard optional. Just take a look at the Planar PCT2235… don’t you want it!


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