Mount Your Equipment Underneath Your Table Surface

By February 28, 2017AV Equipment, News, Reviews

UTB Series Universal TechBox

Mount your equipment underneath your table surface

It might be a question of not having space to spare in a room, or simply to provide easy access to your equipment, the truth is keeping your AV gear underneath your table is a pretty genius. Here’s why:

I know what you’re thinking, underneath a table? Sounds messy. You’ve seen those messy desks with equipment on the floor and cables running everywhere, but the idea isn’t to keep it by your feet. It’s cleverly placed just underneath your table surface, installed either vertically or horizontally for easy access.

And no, you’re not kicking cables under your feet, in fact, all cable and wiring is out of the way, securely fastened to avoid them being pulled, kicked or unplugged.

The best part is it works for any type of equipment even if its ‘‘non-rackmount’’ ready and the included key locks and security screws, keep your AV equipment safe.

From small spaces such as huddle rooms, additional drawers or cabinets are simply not an option and for rooms that depend on daily collaboration or sharing it’s a clutter free way to keep your control solutions close.

The UTB Series Universal TechBox by Middle Atlantic Products, is a key solution in keeping your equipment easy to access and yet out of the way.

Universal TechBox Features


Adjustable Design

The Universal TechBox is able to adjust up to 2 rackspaces or down to 1
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Can be mounted horizontally or vertically
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Integrated Cable Management

Keeps cables out of the way
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With openings along the sides and bottom, allows your AV equipment to ‘breath’, avoiding overheating.


Comes in a 14’’ depth with either a full 19’’ or half-rack width.
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