LG Transparent OLED Display – Truly Futuristic

By August 27, 2018News

We often describe equipment we use as being ‘of the future.’ This is because when you compare much of today’s AV equipment to what it was in the past, it seems so. This is obvious of the LG Transparent OLED display, but in this case, it is alittle different. It truly is futuristic.

Most of us recognize the name LG. It is a South Korean, multinational, consumer electronics company that has been producing innovative products for the past 60 years. These products range from home appliances to entertainment devices and even mobile phones. Yet this innovative piece of technology comes from the AV sphere, digital signage to be specific.

Welcome To The Future

You’ve got to this point, you deserve to know why it’s so special. To begin with, it’s see-through. Yes you read that right, it is a screen, yet it is completely transparent. You know when you’re watching a Sci-Fi movie and see a screen which is transparent but still displays content, that is this.

Not only is this technology very impressive, it also has a broad range of practical applications. Since it is transparent, it allows you to place it in front of products, giving you the freedom to have the onscreen visuals interact with the physical product behind it. Additionally, it does not limit your display space. As its transparency makes it unobtrusive and, when not in use, it acts almost like a piece of glass encasement, 

Bendable and Rollable

The transparency aspect isn’t the only thing that makes the LG Transparent OLED display remarkable. It is also bendable and rollable. This means it can be customized to almost any atmosphere. The dimensions of these Open Frame OLED displays can be customized for multiple uses in any industry.

The possibilities are endless. They can be used as large-scale video installations, informational displays designed to fit the contours of any commercial space or simply as a tool used to impress clients. 


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