Top 5 InfoComm16 Picks!

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  1. LG OLED Display  376856

Look for OLED’s to continue to advance and eventually it will come down in price.  They are capable of expanding what we can do with a display.  The Dual-View Flat OLED display offers a space-efficient view to provide customers a two-sided media experience in Full HD (1920×1080) resolution. With its very slim profile, measuring just 8.94 milimeters (0.4 inches), and three different installation options – ceiling suspension, wall-mount and floor stand – this unique flat OLED commercial display allows retailers to plan the most efficient use in any retail space while utilizing a high-end display solution. The 55-inch class (54.64 inches measured diagonally) display has the unique ability to swap and mirror content on either side of the screen with a simple press of a remote control button


  1. Biamp Deviobf8d0e77d2da6f9b48fef3ff1d8c8e37

Well I saw it at our LA office, but I finally was able to hear how the Devio sounded.  Biamp’s had a demonstration at Infocomm in a sound proofed suite.  I was very impressed with the sound quality on the far and the near end. Simple to setup and designed to replace most soft codec solutions.  This is the perfect solution for our clients that have Huddle Spaces or even a small conference room.


  1. Avteqavteq-team-economical-height-adjustable-desk-red-top-with-black-frame-float-desk-redtop-blkframe

Sometimes the simple things are the most imprestive. Well, AVteq has some really cool carts tables and racks. But the DynamiQ teamspace is perfect for any huddle space.


The DynamiQ TeamSpace™ is the first of AVTEQ’s sit-to-stand furniture series. This collaboration center is similar to the TeamSpace Eco unit, but with this piece, you will enjoy the effortless flexibility of height-adjustability. Choose your favorite setting from standard height, bar height, standing or anywhere in between! You can experiment with the full range of motion to find the best fit for your needs, take control over your own workplace well being and increase your posture and productivity while you’re at it! As with all AVTEQ products, you retain the freedom to choose the finish you like.

Personally I like the white mylar finish which is used as a whiteboard for collaboration. Great for taking notes during your videoconferencing!



  1. T1Vhqdefault

We’ve written about it already, however stacking it up against the competition at Infocomm made me realize how superior this board is to other manufactures that were displaying their IWB at Infocomm.


The Microsoft Surface hub is designed to be single LCD solution.  The T1v is agnostic to hardware, where as the Microsoft Surface hubs require that you purchase their LCD screen. The T1v is designed to be tilled together to offer a true video wall solution.  The Prysm system is designed specially for large enterprise system and all of their components are proprietary.


  1. Samsung OH46DScreen Shot 2016-06-14 at 2.49.35 AM

Samsung continues to impress with it’s OHD Series SMART Signage, the 24/7 outdoor signage solution is designed specifically for QSRs, retail, and transportation points with it’s high-brightness 3,000 nit and high-contrast 5,000:1 picture quality it’s sure to impress even in the harshest environments such as exposure to dust, heat and water and visible even under bright conditions.


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