Time to Upgrade Your Conference Room Phone to a Polycom RealPresence Trio!

 Does your conference room phone still look like a calculator with a speaker attached to it?

Here’s why it’s time for an upgrade!

Ok, so we have amazing high definition displays and cameras that follow us around while we talk, but why do our conference room phones still look like an old calculator with a speaker attached to it!?


When you first see the RealPresence Trio by Polycom, you kind get a ‘‘oh yeah duh that’s what a conference phone should look like!’’ sort of feeling… and it’s true! The ‘‘smart’’ phones we carry in our pockets has completely changed the way we place calls, that easy navigation is thanks to the slick interface we’ve grown accustomed to and now it’s a welcoming addition to any conference room here is why:



The same way your cell phone is more than just a portable device to make calls, the Real Presence Trio isn’t just for phone calls, it’s a three-pack punch you could also use share content and video conference.



The 5-inch color touch screen completely simplifies the process. Similar icons we use every day on our smartphones are the status indicators on the RealPresence Trio that make the whole process much more effective.Green means call, red means hang up. Plus and Minus adjust the speaker volume, and on the display you know exactly who is on the call and their status at all times.



It plays nice with all your devices… go ahead pair it via Bluetooth wirelessly with your mobile phone. It’s SmartPairing feature allows you to share content and video quickly and effortlessly.



With all the bells and whistles, the RealPresence Trio still manages to go above and beyond on the basic features; their audio technology is to be envied! With enhanced Polycom® HD Voice™ and the patented Polycom® NoiseBlock™ your calls have never been clearer.


To be honest, our love for the Real Presence Trio goes beyond looks and it’s intuitive design, it’s a reliable, powerful business tool that will change the way you conference. To learn more, contact us at info@avplanners.com, call us at 800-409-3587, tweet us @AVPlanners.