Tight Space, Big Impact… Check Out the Sony VPL-GTZ1

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Tight Space, Big Impact… Check Out the Sony VPL-GTZ1

Sony VPL-GTZ1 4

What do you do when you don’t have much space, but still need to make a big impact? Well, the ultimate solution is the Sony VPL-GTZ1 , this 4K Ultra-Short throw laser light source projector is a game changer for business to business and commercial applications.

Imagine reducing installation space by 80% by placing the VPLGTZ1 just 6.7 inches from the wall vs 164 inches like you would a typical throw projector, to project an image of 147’’

Sony VPL-GTZ1 1

This makes the Sony VPL-GTZ1 ideal for tight spaces; say a large boardroom or training space. In fact, with its featured ‘‘Blend-In’’ design, you could combine multiple projectors for an even larger image to fit a custom environment, say perhaps like a museum.


One of the biggest challenges of using a normal projector are the people sitting or walking around, who cause one of the biggest pet-peeves, shadows! You really don’t have that problem when your projector is so close to the screen, even in less than idea situations.

Sony’s VPL-GTZ1 doesn’t disappoint when it comes to style and design; it’s so sleek and modern that you’ll hardly know it’s there. It’s quick on and off, low-noise features, it’s ideal whether you decided on a floor or ceiling installation.

But let’s talk about what matters the most, and that’s the quality of the image, where again, the Sony VPL-GTZ1 does not disappoint but rather pushes the limit to what projector technologies have offered in the past. At 2,000 lumens color brightness, it’s 4K (4,096 x 2,160 pixels) is the best in it’s class whether you’re projecting at 66 inches or 147 inches.

And it’s practically maintenance-free, running 20,000 hours without the need for a lamp exchange.

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It’s really a product you have to see to believe, and AV Planners has got it! So, if you’re interested in a demo of this product, we have it available for demonstration, just give us a call at 800-409-3587, tweet us @AVPlanners.