#ThrowbackTuesday – Office Spaces in the 20th Century

By December 19, 2017News

Vintage Office Spaces

If you think workplace collaboration is tough, take a look at how real the struggle was in the 20th Century…



Forget BYOD, no device or tables or iPads, you had to Bring Your Own Notepad and forget about your Creston scheduler or pop up notifications, you had to keep your eye on the clock and make sure your pencil was sharpened before class your meeting.


Let’s huddle around… yup, there was actually huddling in a 1960s huddle room. It’s not like we could project our statistics on a wall or email everyone our report, we had to get out of our seats and huddle around our co-worker.



No, it wasn’t the book of the month club, you had real face-to-face interaction. But hey, at least there were no distractions…




We mean like ZERO distractions… perhaps it was a minimalistic approach? Except for the ash trays, we got to make sure there were plenty of those.



Soon, we got our very own monitors installed in our huddle room. Possibly the first computer-equipped meeting room, an idea by Douglas Engelbart, the American engineer and inventor who is considered the grandfather of the mouse and video conferencing among many, many other collaboration tools we use today.



Goodbye minimalism, by the late 70s and 80s, we replaced our bulky typewriters with bulkier computers, come on you have to admit this groovy tech crowd was onto something…



Took us a few decades but hey, eventually we got it right!

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