The smaller, smarter huddle space by Crestron

Just because it’s a smaller space, doesn’t mean it can’t be a smarter space. Take a look inside the fully equipped Crestron huddle room.

PinPoint (PP-100) location beacon

For iPhone and iPad users, use the Crestron PinPoint app to book a meeting area. The software connects you with the device in the room and uses your location to automatically join the space so, you won’t show up to a blank screen, but rather visual meeting information while automatically connecting you to the nearest display. It also kindly reminds you when your reserved time is running out, so you know when to start wrapping things up.


Crestron Connect It (TT-101-B) plug-and-play connectivity

It’s an user friendly all in one solution to easily connect a laptop, tablet or smartphone device instantly and with built in cable management. There are several caddy models available varying with various connections such as a 120 volt outlet to Ethernet cable or video and audio like as HDMI or VGA. Here we feature TT-101 which includes a 120 Volt outlet for your device plus HDMI, VGA, Audio and Ethernet cables for an all in one solution.


AirMedia (AM-100)

Say you’d like to avoid cables all together, or you need to share content from more than one attendee… up to 32 people to be exact, the solution is Crestron’s Air Media, use it to wirelessly present without interference. The best part is, it works with practically any device.


Digital Graphics Engine 200 – (DM-DGE-200-C)

Don’t let it’s low-profile fool you, transform a touch screen display into an advance Creston controller and use it to easily adjust audio and video in your meeting space streaming H.264 video as well as 4K over HDMI. Combining it with PinPoint, you won’t require an additional touch screen controls , in fact, take it beyond and control the lighting, shades as well as other security functions.


DigitalMedia 8g+ Transmitter 201 (DM-TX-201-C)

Complete your system with a transmitter and switcher that is engineered for ultra high-bandwidth HDMI and RGB connectivity even over long distances.