Skype for Business and More

By October 1, 2018News


We work with Skype for Business a great deal. There’s a lot to love about it. It merges everything we’ve come to love about Skype with powerful business facing features. However, as it works so often in the AV sphere, the brilliance of a product is often buried in the slew of technical terms and confusing jargon. That’s where we come in, we’re AV Planners, it’s a pleasure to meet you.

So, Skype for Business, Huh?

Yes, Skype for Business. These days everything is about active collaboration. Video calls and meetings are more than simply a conversation, they are a space in which participants can share any form of media in live time. This includes video, audio, documents, live notes, photos and graphs to be worked on during the meeting.

But what makes Skype for Business an outlier? There are so many programs which seem to do the same thing, what makes this one special? Obviously, it has top of the line audio and video quality, but it’s the collaboration features that make it remarkable. 

The first thing that makes Skype so impressive is that it is made and managed by computer giant Microsoft. With their computational prowess and world-class service, it was bound to be a hit. 

What Can It Do?

Here’s something which makes it superior to the rest. Since Skype is a Microsoft company, they have embedded many powerful Microsoft Office features directly into the software. Now, your presentations are not limited to only those people right in front of you. You are able to present Powerpoint presentations to participants in any location.

And this could be many people. Skype for Business lets you host unlimited meetings with up to ten people in each. In addition to presenting you are able to share your screen and use the software as an interactive whiteboard, giving you the ability to mindmap, create graphs or sketches in live time.

There’s More

BYOD (bring your own device) is a big one. Skype works on almost any device, be it PC, Mac, iOS or Android. This means that no one is excluded from participating. Next up, URL invites, which allow you to easily invite your team and participants to meetings using a customized link. Team members are also able to chat with each other throughout the meeting or whenever a private message is needed.

Another brilliant feature is the integration of Zoom video meetings with Skype. This helps to consolidate the various video meeting programs your business may use into one neat and user-friendly setting. It makes scheduling meetings a breeze, and managing contacts as simple as possible.

We’re Here to Help

There is so much more to love about Skype for Business. If you would like to know exactly how it can benefit your enterprise, please reach out to us on or call us on 213-493-6473. We will be thrilled to discuss this or any audiovisual solution with you, explain any confusing specs and provide you with world class customer service and attention.