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Shared workplaces have become an oasis for those seeking something different. They have replaced the marketplaces from the days of yore and have become the powerhouse of communal working. They’re sought after by entrepreneurs, small businesses and general seekers, breaking from the standard corporate setup. Their common spaces have become the modern-day tribal fire where it’s hunters and gatherers can share ideas about business, creativity and the world.

What created the need for some such places

Our metropolises have become oversaturated. Business hubs are simply too full to accommodate all the workers. Renting an entire office is one option for a small business or entrepreneur, but, this option often falls way beyond their means.

Humans are social by nature, we seek to share and bond with each other. Walled in offices and cubicles have made this virtually impossible. So we’ve made the move. We have started to tear down the walls. Open, shared workspaces allow us to talk to one another on a human level. They boost creativity and collaboration and take us back to a time when a sense of community reigned supreme.

But not all shared workplaces we created equal.

Must haves of any shared workplace

It comes down to technology. The best technology, implemented by the best people. At that’s us, AV Planners, it’s a pleasure to meet you.  Since we are experts in audiovisual and conferencing solutions, we will talk about that aspect of a shared workspace – the shared meeting room. 

It is vital that every space has one or a few private meeting or conference rooms, for those times when you need to impress a client or simply need some quiet for an important video conference.

These rooms should address major three points:

  • The best AV technology – This one speaks for itself. It’s obvious that the best AV equipment will equal the best results.
  • Easy to use –  There’s no use having top of the line audiovisual equipment if people don’t know how to use it. Therefore, accessibility must be placed above all else.
  • No matter where you are – All locations should be standardized. It should be that any space you use for a meeting, or work, is standardized accords location. This ensures that you are always ready to be productive right off the bat, without having to learn new systems or get used to new technology.

What do we have to do with this?

Why thank you for asking.

AV equipment and technology is our forte. This gives us alot to say on the topic of conference and meeting rooms in general. And in our experience, there are a few features that separate the average shared meeting space from the remarkable. These features are mainly based on cloud computing, and we can help set them up and ensure they are working perfectly. 

The first feature we can set up and install is a remote booking system. This ensures that clients can reserve spots with ease. They can also cancel or change their timeslot if need be. The second is remote support. This means nothing can ever go too wrong. There will always be someone at AV Planners waiting for you at the end of a phone call or email who will be able to sort out any technical issues. Lastly, we will hook you up with the best software systems such as ZOOM, which is so easy to use and allows for standardization across many locations.

So as you can see, it’s the extra attention to detail that makes all the difference. These are what you should look for when looking for a shared workplace or conference room, or if you own or manage one and are looking to take it to the next level.

Whether you need a desk, office suite, or entire HQ, we create environments that increase productivity, innovation, and collaboration. To find out how we can help with your shared workplace, conference room or any other AV solution, please write us at or call us at 213-493-6473.