Sharp 8K Displays

By October 9, 2018News

At this point, we’re pretty sure you’ve heard of 4K displays. They have become to benchmark and even the pinnacle of high definition displays. Until now, that is. Sharp has come along and shaken the industry to the core with their latest offering, an 8K Ultra-HD LCD Monitor. Yup, that’s not a typo, 8K displays.

Founded over 100 years ago in Tokyo, Japan, Sharp initially applied themselves to metalwork and small inventions. However, since then Sharp has matured and has long dedicated themselves to producing the highest quality consumers electronics and audiovisual products. Most recently, they have dedicated themselves to pushing the limits of what high definition displays could be.

Sharp 4K 8K Displays

We often write how it’s hard to differentiate between AV products, as many of them seem to boast the same specs and features. With this 8K display, however, differentiating has become incredibly simple. Sharp has packed 33 million pixels into a 70-inch display, creating an all-encompassing, life-like experience.

With such clarity, these displays have applications in almost every industry. It is especially useful in spaces where ultra-clear precision is needed, such as galleries, sports stadiums, retail spaces and hospitality.

It’s All About The Features

In addition to its physical specs, the Sharp 8K display has some serious software running in the background to create its awesome resolution. It incorporates advanced color-processing technologies and a wide range of color expression, which add depth and clarity to the overall experience.

Another amazing thing it can do is upscale 4k and full-HD content to 8K resolution. This means you can present any form of media ( slideshows, images, text etc) in spectacular definition. It’s because of this that, at its launch,  the 8K display earned 5 awards and created a major industry buzz.

Sharp 8K displays

The Rest Of The Puzzle

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