The PrimeSHOT 20 HDMI – A PTZ Camera for Larger Spaces

By September 5, 2018AV Equipment, Reviews

A good camera is fundamental to any quality AV system. As with everything in life, there are many different brands and quality levels in the camera niche. This can make choosing one a difficult and daunting task. However, there are a few companies putting out top class, cost-effective, cameras that are making the picking that much simpler. Vaddio is one such company and their latest offering the PrimeSHOT 20 HDMI is one such product.

We are big fans of Vaddio. They make products which make both ours and our clients lives just that much better. Their slogan “the art of easy” accurately sums up what they do. They have prioritized ease of use so brilliantly that it truly has become an art form. In this instance, they have used that ‘artistic flair’ on a stunning new HD PTZ camera.

A Bit of Context

If you wondering ‘what exactly is a PTZ camera?’ you are not alone. We, in the AV world, have become immune to the slew of acronyms we have to remember. It is almost a second language to us. We understand how confusing it can be though. PTZ stands for Pan, Tilt and Zoom.  These cameras are able to do exactly that. They can be controlled to pan, zoom or tilt, when necessary.

That is what makes them different from a standard webcam, which is a completely stationary piece of technology. Often they can be automated to follow or focus on a person speaking in a meeting or zoom in on something that specifically needs to be seen.

The PrimeSHOT 20 HDMI

So what makes the PrimeSHOT 20 HDMI PTZ camera special? Thank you for asking, the truth is, a whole lot! To begin with, it is the perfect camera for large spaces, such as big meeting rooms, lecture halls and places of worship. Being HD, it will ensure that all video transmitted will be in high, 1080p, definition.

In addition to that, Vaddio has perfected the PZT features. This camera has precise pan, zoom and tilt capabilities which can move as fast as 90° a second, thanks to its onboard silent and smooth direct-drive motors. But it doesn’t end there, the PrimeSHOT 20 packs a few more quality features that are worth mentioning.

The Cold Hard Specs

20x optical zoom and a 55° field of view kick off the list of killer specs. Furthermore, the PrimeSHOT 20 HDMI has a powerful web interface for remote configuration, management and control. It works well in low light environments and can stream to HDMI 1.3, S-Video, and IP outputs simultaneously, allowing for full flexibility.

The PrimeSHOT 20 HDMI  can also come with an HDMI extender with an internal power supply. This extends the 1080p/60 HDMI signals up to 164 ft (50M).

The AV Planners Touch

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