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Silence is Golden

As collaboration and teamwork become increasingly important in the workplace, open floor plans, rather than private offices and cubicles, has made sound privacy practically non-existent. We live in noisy environments, whether that’s in the office, at a restaurant or at venues, but what about when you don’t want to be heard? Not only should some conversations with sensitive data not be overheard, they can also cause a huge distraction for those around them, decreasing productivity and causing frustration for many. In fact a recent study by The Center for the Built Environment in Berkeley, CA came to determine that speech privacy was the number one concern of employees.

But how could you reduce noise in the workplace without separating and boxing everyone out in their own space?

Surprisingly the answer is by adding more noise. Absorb, Block and Cover… it’s the ABC’s of acoustic design and Cambridge Sound is leading the way in sound masking technology to Cover unwanted chatter, by the addition of background sound in the form of white noise tuned at the same frequency levels of human speech. So, although you might hear the sound of people talking, it becomes distorted to where you can’t really make out what they are actually saying. Thus protecting speech privacy, reducing distractions and increasing productivity.

ABCs of Sound Acoustic Design

At AV Planners we love Qt Emitters, these small field speakers feature the Qt Quiet Technology Sound Masking System by Cambridge Sound Management. Check out how they work by watching this video:

Want to learn more about how you can make your open space a bit more private? Contact AV Planners at at 800-409-3587, tweet us @AVPlanners or fill out the contact form below

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