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Framery O

What’s Old, Is New Again

Once upon a time, people didn’t have cell phones. In fact, if you needed to talk to someone and were away from your home or office, you’d have to find an upright, enclosed box to make that call. They looked like a capsule type thing, kind of like the compact hotel ‘rooms’ you’ve read about in Japan.

        Our reliance on mobile technology to make phone calls has made phone booths pretty much disappear. We are constantly connected yet hardly ever alone, our communication has even moved toward texting because we can’t always find some privacy to make quick calls. The situation gets even more awkward in office situations when you don’t want to have an open conversation in front of your colleagues.

        Today, phone booths are making a comeback, but not how you’d expect, they are making their way into the office space. Open Work Spaces have taken with them our privacy to make phone calls; there are designated spaces for work conference calls but what about quick private calls?

        You no longer need to hide in a bathroom stall, leave to the parking lot or hunt down a private place somewhere, anywhere in the office, you can just close the door and step inside this modern day phone booth.

        The creative people over at Framery Acoustics have designed a phone booth for the smart office. It’s the easy, chic way to make a cell phone call in private, and it doesn’t need a whole separate room or much space for that manner.

        The echo-free setup includes all the equipment you need, from a table top for notes, eclectic socket to power your phone or laptop, as well as lighting and air ventilation for slightly longer calls. The stylish design comes in several color options to match your office space or company brand, just take a look at the examples below!:

Framery O Features

Made of Sound Insulation Materials

The high quality materials make sure your conversations stay private, even in loud community spaces.

Integrated Table Top

Comes with an integrated table top to take notes or work on your laptop or tablet device.

Ventilation System 

Stay cool, even during long calls.

Power Socket

Stay powered, complete with an electric socket to keep plenty of juice in your phone, laptop or other device.

LED Lighting

You won’t be in the dark.

Echo-free Design

Made to produce a clear sound with no outside noises or echo sound.

Learn More About The Framery O – Modern PhoneBooth

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