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Why is Audio Quality of your Conference Call So Bad?

As video displays become larger and more elaborate, the audio planning tends to be overlooked… that is until both parties begin to ask the frustrating questions, ‘‘Can you hear me?’’ or ‘‘ I didn’t catch what you said…’’ So we asked the question, what sort of factors...
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When was the last time you heard of a new polar pattern? Meet the new MXA310 Microflex® Advance™ Table Array Microphone

“Where is the mic? Can you hear me ok if I sit here?” Wouldn’t it be great to take out the guesswork of where a microphone is best picking up your voice? In audio, we use polar patterns to basically map out how a microphone...
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AV Planners Top Picks at Infocomm International Shure Microflex Wireless   Flexible and easy to use, the Microflex™ Wireless platform is the intelligent microphone solution we’ve been waiting for, especially in rooms where fixed systems are either impossible or inconvenient options. The Shure Microflex Wireless...
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Should aesthetics be just as important as function when it comes to teleconferencing?

In today’s workplace, aesthetics is just as important as function. Unless your talking about microphones for In-room conferencing. This is one area in which were sometimes willing to make some sacrifices even if the mics have to be Tabletop mics. Especially in an open space...