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A Visual History of Computer Monitors

A Visual History of Computer Monitors   1960s The ‘‘Glass Teletype’’ came about in the early 60s, it was text only but much faster and much more convenient than paper and so it became the main interface between a user and computer for nearly 2...
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AV Planners Top Picks at Infocomm International Shure Microflex Wireless   Flexible and easy to use, the Microflex™ Wireless platform is the intelligent microphone solution we’ve been waiting for, especially in rooms where fixed systems are either impossible or inconvenient options. The Shure Microflex Wireless...
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Lite-Brite — The First Pixel

We’ve come a long way since the Lite-Brite… How many Lite-Brite pixels would it take to build a 3×2 Planar Video Wall? Tweet at us! @AVPlanners !