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Group Video Conferencing like never before!

Being on a group video call can be challenging especially when your dealing with acoustical nightmares and work spaces such as small huddle rooms and spaces with open ceilings and concrete floors. The Crestron Smart Sound bar was designed for these types of environments. This...
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Active Learning Spaces – The Future of Education

‘Active learning spaces’ and ‘collaborative classrooms’ are now buzzwords in the world of education. But what exactly do these words mean? They sound fancy, but what does a physical implementation of the perfect active learning space look like? Technology has invaded almost every area of...
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Panasonic EQ1 Series – Powerful and Cost-Effective Digital Signage

Modern day technology has blurred the lines between the analog and the digital. In the world of digital signage, AV companies have made it their mission to do so.  Their intention is to make any technological experience as intuitive to the user as possible. As...
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Taking Avocor Interactive Displays to the Next Level With Zoom

We all remember our first-grade classrooms. All the children gathered around the chalkboard or whiteboard. This is where we started our lives, where we learned to interact with the information the world throws at us. This interaction is in our blood. Then the world went digital,...