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LG’s Tech Tour (de Force)

Being industry insiders gets us invites to some really cool events. We get to see the latest technology before it reaches the public and we get hands-on first looks at some of the industry’s most impressive offers. Recently, we had the privilege of attending the LG...
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LG Transparent OLED Display – Truly Futuristic

We often describe equipment we use as being ‘of the future.’ This is because when you compare much of today’s AV equipment to what it was in the past, it seems so. This is obvious of the LG Transparent OLED display, but in this case,...
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AV Planners Top Five Collaboration Apps for 2017

AV Planners top five collaboration apps for Control, Presentation, and Video Conferencing purposes.   Category: Control   Crestron PYNG: The Crestron Pyng can quickly and easily setup whole-home audio systems, shades, thermostats, door locks, and security systems. It can also pair wireless accessories to the...
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Video Conferencing round the–Thanksgiving table?!?

Wouldn’t it be great if we could videoconference our thanksgiving dinner? We’d save time and money avoiding travel, we could wear shorts and flip flops under the table, and we’d have a TV style production video to watch and cherish for years to come—errr ok...