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Why is Audio Quality of your Conference Call So Bad?

As video displays become larger and more elaborate, the audio planning tends to be overlooked… that is until both parties begin to ask the frustrating questions, ‘‘Can you hear me?’’ or ‘‘ I didn’t catch what you said…’’ So we asked the question, what sort of factors...
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The Impromptu Huddle Room

For checking the status on your current projects to checking up on your team across the coast. Easy to use, quick and to the point, the Impromptu Huddle Space is your go to, heavy use, every day collaboration space.
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How one of the world’s largest investment management business stays connected

  Founded in 1783 with headquarters in London, MAN GROUP PLC is an alternative investment management business with key operational centers in Australia, China, Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates and the USA, among others.   So how does one of the world’s largest investment managers...
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10 Ways to Attract & Retaining a Talented Millennial Workforce

Co-Written by Mia Taapken ? Millennials are drastically changing business culture… for the better! And it’s only a matter of time till they make up the majority of the American workforce. So, if you’re looking to attracted, hire and maintain a millennial employee here are a...