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The Cost Effective and Easy to Use Devio SCR 25 by Biamp

Everything seems to be wireless these days. What happened to all the wires? You walk down the street and see people talking to themselves. More often than not they’re talking to other people, using the magical power of Bluetooth Biamp Systems has been developing AV...
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The Must-Have Collaboration Tool for Laptop Users – Devio by Biamp Solutions

Just because you’re meeting in a smaller space than say a full size conference room, shouldn’t mean you need to compromise on quality. Biamp, a leading provider of state-of-the-art media systems has launched Devio, an innovative an versatile solution that makes huddle room collaboration quick...
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IW Group AV Project

When the IW Group, an award winning, full-service advertising and PR agency, planned their move to a new facility, they not only imagine workspace upgrades, but a completed re-designed, welcoming, comfortable environment that would make the workplace enjoyable for their employees. AV Planners worked alongside the...
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Why is Audio Quality of your Conference Call So Bad?

As video displays become larger and more elaborate, the audio planning tends to be overlooked… that is until both parties begin to ask the frustrating questions, ‘‘Can you hear me?’’ or ‘‘ I didn’t catch what you said…’’ So we asked the question, what sort of factors...