Parallax – Glare-Free Projection From Da-Lite

Parallax demo at InfoComm

Parallax is the name to know when it comes to projector solutions. Projectors are a great alternative to the classic monitor. Nowadays, they are crystal clear and HD. until you open the blinds or the lights come on. At that point it is just a whole lot of glare, resulting in squinted eyes and an all-round uncomfortable visual experience.

There is nothing worse than glare and trying to force your eyes to see what is being displayed. This is due to an excess of light in a room. In the industry, we call this ambient light. This is any amount of unwanted light in a room. It is light that is detrimental to any projected visuals which undermine the quality of any meeting or presentation.

Why Not Just Turn Off The Lights?

The issue is that many of us do not want to have to shut off all the light in a room to have a high definition presentation. We want our presentation to look as crisp regardless of if it is dark or bright inside your meeting room.

Enter Parallax, the undeniable forerunner in projector screens. Parallax is a black projector screen which mimics the surface of a TV monitor. It was engineered and developed by Da-Lite, a projector screen manufacturer, who has been an industry leader for over 100 years.

Using an advanced optical lens system which rejects light, Da-Lite was able to create the perfect option for those who have had enough of ambient light interference. Until this, in order to maintain sharp, highly contrasted visuals, you would have to control the ambient lighting. Now, you can experience flawless, glare-free, optics in any atmosphere.

NonParallax screen and parallax screen comparison

Standard projection and Parallax

So How Exactly Does Parallax Work?

Thinking Parallax is simply a great projector screen is an understatement. Da-Lite engineers pioneered a special layer in their screen that is shaped like a microscopic saw-tooth, this physically blocks any non-projected light.  This means that even in ambient light, Parallax will preserve contrast, resulting in a speckle and glare-free experience.

Without any glare, anyone can view anything on the screen at 85 degrees, meaning that you can be almost vertical with the screen and still see perfectly. This is the power of Parallax.

It’s like a TV, Just Way Better

Parallax comes in two options. One is for large-scale projections while the other is for ultrashort projections. Both options, however, can come with a bezeled edge to further give it the look of a slim television display.

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