Panasonic EQ1 Series – Powerful and Cost-Effective Digital Signage

By September 10, 2018News

Modern day technology has blurred the lines between the analog and the digital. In the world of digital signage, AV companies have made it their mission to do so.  Their intention is to make any technological experience as intuitive to the user as possible. As much as we like thinking that we are digital natives, that technology is in our blood, for millennia we have lived without it. We are digital newbies.

As such, our eyes are not yet impervious to screens. We are not tricked by them. While, at its inception, TV convinced people that what they were watching was actually taking place in the physical television set, we are no longer fooled. Along these lines, we still appreciate a good old fashion poster or billboard, it speaks to our analog hearts.

Panasonic, the commercial and consumer electronics brand, understands this. They have made it their goal to produce technology and AV equipment that makes the experience as natural as possible. They are the ones making us take a second look at a painting, shocking us into realizing it is actually a screen.

Introducing the EQ1 Series

This type of screen is a ‘digital sign’ or a ‘digital bulletin board’. They are used to display video or still images in the crispest form. They are perfect for showing content or information to clients, consumers, visitors or guests in any retail or commercial environment.  The EQ1 series by Panasonic epitomizes what digital signage should be.

The EQ1 Series is a formidable option for entry-level digital signage. It is a cost-effective option for small to large enterprises and institution. Restaurants can deploy the panels as digital menu boards, schools and universities as digital bulletin boards or information displays.  The ultra HD, 4K, displays convey color and texture in an incredibly clear and natural way. This allows for viewers to interact with the displayed content as naturally as they would with a physical sign or poster.

Gimme the Specs’

Every new piece of AV equipment has a long list of specs, making it difficult to differentiate between the expected and the truly remarkable. Often it comes down to brand loyalty and a knowledge of a brand’s trusted history. Panasonic definitely has that, but the EQ1 series’ specs also speak for themselves.

To begin with, the pan els are extremely thin with a depth of only 2.4 inches. This makes hanging the panels easy and non-intrusive to your showroom or retail space. Additionally, the narrow bezel maximizes screen area and allows for units to be put together with little loss of display area. Combine that with the high definition, 4k, resolution and you clearly have a brilliant entry-level digital signage option.

But, what you see isn’t all there is, the EQ1 series also pack a powerful pack of unseen specs. There’s alot going on in the background. Such as it’s built-in USB media player, which cuts out the need for an external media system or it’s ‘Content Management System” which facilitates planning and scheduling content. Above that, it has a slew of connectivity and input options which make it easy to integrate the series into your new or existing AV system.

We’ve Got You

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