Online Team Collaboration

Everything is about collaboration. It is designed to boost group creativity and to ensure groups retain more information. This means teams working together to problem solve, ideate and brainstorm. Collaboration is all about clear lines of communications between team members. Each member needs to be…
Menachem Hecht
July 12, 2018

The Zoom Room Phenomenon

In the past, group video conferencing was reserved for the boardroom, using expensive on-premises hardware. These onsite, hardware-based, video conferencing solutions needed a slew of technical parts, which functioned independently from one another. Fragmented meetings, due to connectivity, video or sound issues have caused a…
June 21, 2018

The Ultimate Boardroom in the Sky

Conference Rooms in Airplanes! Can’t wait for that commercial flight back to your corporate headquarters? If you simply MUST hold a conference meeting in the air, WHILE you fly to your next destination why not do it in style? Here is our list of the…
January 2, 2018

#ThrowbackTuesday – Office Spaces in the 20th Century

Vintage Office Spaces If you think workplace collaboration is tough, take a look at how real the struggle was in the 20th Century... BYON Forget BYOD, no device or tables or iPads, you had to Bring Your Own Notepad and forget about your Creston scheduler…
December 19, 2017
AV EquipmentNewsReviews

A View from Above! The Vaddio DocCam 20 HDBT

The Vaddio DocCam 20 HDBT is more than just a Document Camera!     Here’s how: The DocCAM 20 HDBT is a high definition, recessed in-ceiling document camera. It can easily connect to Vaddio OneLINK extension systems or other HDBaseT-compatible devices which helps reduce cabling…
December 13, 2017

AV Planners Top Five Collaboration Apps for 2017

AV Planners top five collaboration apps for Control, Presentation, and Video Conferencing purposes.   Category: Control   Crestron PYNG: The Crestron Pyng can quickly and easily setup whole-home audio systems, shades, thermostats, door locks, and security systems. It can also pair wireless accessories to the…
November 27, 2017

Is your Audio Visual Network Secure?

Let AV Planners design an AV system with the most advanced security video management system. Your AV network should be just as secure as your IT network. Especially when sharing sensitive content such  as corporate reports, roadmaps presentations, intellectual property, and trade secrets. Our systems…
November 14, 2017

It’s National Analog Day!

It’s National Analog Day! DISCONNECT TO RECONNECT. A day to get away from your computer and mobile devices. Imagine our digital world going dark? There would be a few perks...       Replace computers with vintage typewriters. Sure we’d have a no ‘‘Backspace’’ key!  But you…
August 11, 2017
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As clients expect more when it comes to the visualization of data in real-time is not just a part of demonstrating how well a campaign is performing, it's also encouraging everyone to become an active participant in the meeting. It’s why Casanova/McCann, one of the…
June 29, 2017