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May 31, 2017

Why is Audio Quality of your Conference Call So Bad?

May 31, 2017
Why is Audio Quality of your Conference Call So Bad? As video displays become larger and more elaborate, the audio planning tends to be overlooked… that is until both parties begin to ask the frustrating questions, ‘‘Can you hear me?’’ or ‘‘ I didn’t catch what you said…’’ So

REVIEW: Crestron HD Scaling Auto-Switcher & Extender 400 ( HD-MD-400-C-E )

May 1, 2017
Why the Crestron HD Scaling Auto-Switcher & Extender 400 is our must-have pick for any small to medium sized

Spring Is In The Air! — Time To Spruce Up Your AV Equipment

April 5, 2017
Let AV Planners do the work, with a little maintenance, fixing minor inconveniences, before they become a

4K, 24/7 with NEC X651 UHD

April 4, 2017
For business applications, such as control rooms, industries like the financial, medical or even as dynamic high traffic public signage, NEC ‘s x651UHD is a professional grade display offering more than just

Sharp’s Intelligent Touch Board – PN-40TC1

April 3, 2017
Annotate in real-time while you explain a growth chart to your clients or quickly swipe through product sketches during your team

The Impromptu Huddle Room

March 29, 2017
For checking the status on your current projects to checking up on your team across the coast. Easy to use, quick and to the point, the Impromptu Huddle Space is your go to, heavy use, every day collaboration

Improve Communication with Audio and Video Collaboration Solutions

March 28, 2017
If you know you have to upgrade, you have a budget and a time limit, get started with AV Planners. We offer the most advanced collaboration tools to fit your

Crestron Mercury – All-In-One Solution

March 16, 2017
For small huddle spaces or executive offices where one-on-one video conferencing is a daily occurrence, we’ve been waiting for the right all-in-one solution that’s intuitive, compact and easy to use and it’s finally

A History of outdoor Ads… from the roadside billboard to digital signage

March 8, 2017
We’ve come a long way since the earliest forms of outdoor advertising, budding in the 1830s by local establishments with simple painted signs or posters and flash forwarding to digital signage
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