The MUST-HAVE Panoramic Video Camera for Meetings

By January 16, 2018AV Equipment, News, Reviews

“What kind of camera are you using?”

When it’s the world’s first panoramic-4K plug-and-play USB Video camera, you hear a lot of that, just ask Frank Coussens, account executive at Panacast. ‘‘It really surprises the viewer, the average video conferencing camera has a normal 60 degree field of view, meanwhile the human eyes see 120 degrees. The Panacast has a view of 180 degrees without distortion, it’s a much more natural human like experience.’’



Because, of course we’ve been there, trying to cram into the shot only to take a peak at the monitor and see not everyone fits. Looks fine when you’re in the room, but cameras don’t see it that way. In fact, it’s why most collaboration areas are set up the way they are, ‘’Most conference rooms are designed around the video camera so they are long and narrow to fit everyone in the image‘’ says Frank, ‘‘with the Panacast, you can change the way you design a conference room.’’

Now, your collaboration, huddle space, or conference room can be anything you want like an open space, or even add a comfortable couch for attendees, resulting in a much more relaxed environment where people feel at ease while working. It’s why we’ve embraced the Panacast here at AV Planners, ‘‘ The traditional meeting space can be anywhere’’ says Craig Heiman, Chief Executive Officer at AV Planners, ‘‘being able to maximize the amount of people in a screenshot makes this camera a valuable tool‘’ this is especially true in modern workplace environments…and even those not as traditional.

Its plug-and-play set up makes it a breeze to use for those who work from home. In fact, you don’t even need additional power sources, the USB connection also powers up the camera, making it an easy to use tool for mobile or on location use. This has been key for several of Frank’s clients, ‘‘Once everyone starts using video collaboration more efficiently, companies start to see huge savings on overhead costs for travel, making them much more open to hiring people all over the country who work from home or in remote offices’’ People are quickly adapting to this new technology, and companies from Fortune 500 to Mom and Pop shops are embracing it.

The camera also had some great additional features, such as Vivid Technology, which puts and HD filter over the entire image to balance brightness say if a bright window is on one end, the camera will automatically corrects that issue.  In addition, it comes with special facial recognition software that identifies attendees in the room and an optional intelligent zoom, along with whiteboard detection technology. The company takes pride in their updates being based on customer feedback to enable for more robust capabilities for their clients.

The camera is a perfect combo with the Crestron Mercury, which allows you to adjust everything in the room including volume, sources and wirelessly sending images to a projector or LCD screen. In addition, using the Panacast in conjunction with the Zoom video conferencing software adds multi-point and easy navigation with the capability to include up to 500 partner screen sharing at the same time.

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