LG’s Tech Tour (de Force)

By September 14, 2018News

Being industry insiders gets us invites to some really cool events. We get to see the latest technology before it reaches the public and we get hands-on first looks at some of the industry’s most impressive offers. Recently, we had the privilege of attending the LG Tech Tour, an event organized by LG to show off their latest offerings.

AV Planners Experience at Tech Tour 2018

The event took place at the iconic Majestic Hotel in Los Angeles. From the get-go, we expected to be dazzled. Present, were product experts, industry greats and many of our peers. While in industry events are pretty impressive.

Tech Tour showcased a range of LG products, however, the focus was clearly on their OLED displays, super thin displays, video walls, digital signage, and touch screens. There is a lot to be said about this event, but for the sake of time, space and your reading pleasure we will focus on a few, select, products.

Video Walls

Video walls were a very prevalent product at the Tech Tour. As they are in almost every industry. Video walls are very popular in areas where a lot of information needs to be on display, such as in retail spaces, stores, fast food restaurants. 

LG’s video wall offerings were comprehensive and impressive. Most of what we saw was 4k and delivered content in remarkable clarity. Of note was their flat OLED video walls which are easily expandable, making them perfect for malls and retail signage. Their video wall line also features extremely thin bezels, creating a disruption-free viewing experience.

OLED Video Wall


Wallpaper TV

Truthfully named, the Wallpaper TV is another brilliant new piece of technology we were privileged to see. It is an incredibly thin TV monitor that does not compromise on picture quality. It is so thin that LG has dubbed it ‘blade thin’.  LG has achieved this sleekness by making the sound and control panel a separate control unit.

This TV was built for the hospitality industry.  It also is full of smart features and a range of hospitality features, making it the perfect option for any hotel lobby.

Wallpaper OLED Hotel TV

Side View

Dual-Sided OLED Display

When hanging or standing a display in the middle of a store (or any other place) you lose out on the back of the display. You have to hang the second one if you want it to be double-sided. LG has done that for you! Their dual-sided OLED display is both stunning and smart. Since content can be displayed on both sides of the display.

That’s All Folks

We loved what we saw at LG’s Tech Tour. It left us inspired by the current state of the audiovisual industry as well as the future. If you would like us to regale you with more stories about the wonderful products we’ve come across. Or if you simply would like to find out about what AV Planners can do for your office or enterprise, get in touch. Call us on 213-493-6473 or email us at info@avplanners.com