Jukin Media’s Innovative Approach to Digital Signage in the Workplace

By January 11, 2016Display Technology, News

Jukin Media’s Innovative Approach to Digital Signage in the Workplace

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Let’s be honest, sometimes we just didn’t read the memo.

The constant stream of emails, social media notifications, text messages and phone calls, has made it a real challenge for businesses to keep their employees up-to-date with company information. This becomes increasingly difficult for new media companies, where deals and trending topics are in constant change.

Jukin Media, a global user-generated entertainment company which receives more than one billion views per month online, has found a way to keep key, current information available at a glance for all employees while maintaining its open, fast paced, newsroom vibe.

Jukin is driven by video content that everyday people shoot with their cell phones or GoPro cameras, “We’re a media company that’s powered entirely by user-generated video content. We strike deals with the owners of these videos to compensate them for their clips, then we make those videos available to our partners in television, advertising and digital publishing,” says Mike Skogmo, VP of Communications at Jukin Media. Viral videos make for a fast-moving business, so for a media company such as Jukin, time is money.

“Once we moved into our office space, it was clear that a network of screens with information and metrics would be key to good communication amongst our staff” says Mike,“This was one of the first systems we installed when we moved into the new space, and it was extremely helpful.”

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AV Planners helped Jukin develop a solution, a network of video displays, strategically placed in high-traffic areas, were set up thought their office space to facilitate messages to all employees with maximum impact. “It was a privilege to meet with Jon Skogmo and his team to design and install a digital signage solution that transcends his vision throughout his office”.  Craig Heiman CEO AV Planners.

“We have a newsroom atmosphere, having the screens up is one more way to make sure everyone is on the same page, has the latest information and video content” says Mike Skogmo.

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Information on the screens includes the company twitter stream, scrolling lower third messages with the latest company stats and social media information such as number of followers, videos and YouTube subscribers, all of which are updated daily. In addition, raw videos of content just added to the company library are uploaded to a server and displayed. “We are a video company so it really adds to the atmosphere in the office to have the videos and metrics on display.”

Jukin’s innovative approach to digital signage proves visual content doesn’t have to be static and it can even enhance a collaborative work environment. The lively flow of information becomes a fun feature that adds to the ambiance of an already fast-paced, modern media work culture, which allows everyone to be informed at a glance of the latest happenings… without having to log into your social media account or find that memo in your inbox.

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