The ‘joys’ of working from home — BBC Viral Video Conferencing Blooper

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So this happened on LIVE tv this morning!


For those that work from home, you can understand the struggles when home life slips into work life. Watch as this live BBC interview is casually interrupted by a cute kid, then a baby-walker and a horrified mom who, as slick as possible, gets the kids out of the room ASAP! It’s pretty hilarious.




But the REAL question is, was this guy wearing any pants at all? Any true work-from-home videoconference master knows the secret of business on top and pjs on the bottom, perhaps it’s why this guy didn’t rush to shush the kids out right? We’d all see he is wearing his suit with his favorite ‘‘Iron Man’’ pajama boxers.


But, he played it cool and calm and in the end the internet is going crazy over the clip that is now going viral, but perhaps he could have benefit from a conference room scheduler?


Ok maybe even a red room scheduler outside your home office won’t stop your kids, but what we can all relate to is being interrupted during a meeting, ANY meeting! It’s why in the office, this Crestron room scheduler is a MUST-HAVE:

Avoid Interruptions

A touch screen room scheduler by, 


You might have seen this device mounted on the wall outside a conference room, well, it’s more than just a touch screen, it’s the must-have room-scheduling device from Crestron.

Never interrupt another meeting, the bright red or green colored side-mounted LED emitting from the Crestron Room Scheduler, lets you know instantly if the room is available or not and even includes additional information like when the meeting being held is over, so you know exactly when it’s free.

Using the Crestron Fusion Cloud Enterprise Management Software and the Crestron Hosted Scheduling Service allows for full integration with Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, IBM Notes, and Google Calendar among others.

In addition, control more than just meeting information, adjusting functions such as Audio and Video, lighting and shades.

The built in microphone and speaker allow for broadcast messaging, such as during an emergency where alert sounds might be needed or simple to display company or building information.

This is a must-have addition to any conference room, once you experience it, you won’t know how you lived without it.

Crestron Room Scheduler Features

7-inch widescreen display

Single-Wire Connectivity. Control and power through a single Ethernet LAN connection.  

Occupancy Sensing detects attendees and automatically cancels if no one shows up.  

Gesture-driven touch screen for easy intuitive navigation.

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