The Internal Huddle Room

Whether you need to step aside for a quick brainstorm session, or need to get away from the community space for a bit, for open office spaces, the Internal Huddle Space is the new cubicle, just enough privacy without the need for a separate room.


What’s in this Smart Space ?


Need to show off a draft of that web video? Enjoy crisp, clear sound without having to book an entire conference room.


Built for heavy use, monitors and touch devices are able to handle a vigorous work schedule, day in and day out.


Any corner or open space easily becomes an easy to use, bring your own device to plug-and-play or connect wirelessly.

Internal Huddle Room Products


Crestron HD-MD-400-C-E

It’s an AV switcher, scaler and extender all-in-one. The compact, low-profile receiver is mounted on your table or podium, then simply connect your laptop, or portable device wirelessly using AirMedia or by plugging in directly via HDMI or a VGA connection.


Crestron Air-Media

Say you’d like to avoid cables all together, or you need to share content from more than one attendee… up to 32 people to be exact, the solution is Crestron’s Air Media, use it to wirelessly present without interference. The best part is, it works with practically any device.