Intellimix P300 – Crystal Clear Audio by Shure

There is something so frustrating about sitting in a meeting which has poor audio quality. Or being the one calling in without being heard clearly due to technical difficulties. This is a common predicament that many find themselves in.

Getting quality audio is a difficult task. It is especially true in small or medium size rooms. This becomes extra difficult when many of the meeting’s participants are calling in from different devices in different auditory atmospheres.

Luckily, Shure, the audio electronics company, has the solution which can handle any audio tasks. It’s called the Intellimix P300 and it is a true powerhouse.

So what exactly does the Intellimix do?

In short, the Intellimix P300 is a powerful audio mixer (or DSP) which can combine audio from up to different sources into one clear conversation. Participants can be on their landline phones, cell phones or even VoIP solution and the P300 will merge them into one clear audio experience.

It works brilliantly with a who range of hardware and USB codecs. This means it can connect to any laptop or desktop computer and merge any necessary audio into the meeting at hand. It also can connect to mobile phones, allowing you to have an uncompromised meeting with anyone, on any device.

Make Meetings Just That Much Better

Taking your meetings up a notch is a simple quest with the Intellimix P300. All that’s needed to be done is to install the Intellimix in your meeting space. The internal processor will automatically mix any relevant audio into one clear stream. It will keep any nonessential microphones off and its web interface will allow you full control over the audio sources if need be.

Another feature of this DSP is its echo cancellation and crystal clear audio. Not only will you be able to hear everyone, you will be able to hear them in a natural, conversational, environment. The Intellimix P300 is also built to seamlessly compliment Shure’s own Microflex Advance and Microflex Wireless microphone systems. Combining these pieces of audio technology will give you an unrivaled, high definition, audio experience.

We’re here to help!

Deciding on an audiovisual solution for your office may seem like an intimidating task. There is a lot of technical jargon, which may confuse even the most technologically abled of us. When it comes to the audio side of things, there is a lot to take into account. If this seems all too much for you, or you simply have any AV-related questions please get in touch with us at or 213-493-6473.