The Impromptu Huddle Room

The Impromptu 

Huddle Room

For checking the status on your current projects to checking up on your team across the coast. Easy to use, quick and to the point, the Impromptu Huddle Space is your go to, heavy use, every day collaboration space.


What’s in this Smart Space ?


It’s all about smart audio. The latest tabletop microphones can track and mix your team’s conversation automatically with full 360-degree coverage. An additional interface box will allow you to quickly connect your phone, laptop or other device.


It’s a spontaneous meeting, use touch screen technology to get your point across swiftly and efficiently using an interactive board or a table mount interface. Then easily email, print or share when your meeting is complete.


The solution is a cluster of multiple rooms, standardized with technology anyone can use. In fact, you won’t even know it’s there, with easy plug-and-play or stream solutions you’ll be presenting and sharing in no time.

Impromptu Huddle Room Technology




Biamp’s Devio is an innovative, versatile, high quality solution that makes huddle room collaboration quick and simple. It’s easy to use technology packs a punch and works with traditional as well as most web based conferencing solutions such as Skype for Business or Google Hangouts.




With collaboration software built-in, the Epson Brightlink 1460Ui short throw lens projector mounts directly above where it needs to be projected so you can work right on any surface. Then easily email, print or share when you’re all done.




Dalite’s Parallax is not just any projection screen, with its ambient light-rejection technology, the Parallax keeps your projected image, crisp and clear even in bright lit rooms.