Enabling a Safe Work Environment With QR Codes

By June 29, 2020News

Businesses big and small in a variety of industry segments are pivoting to touch-free experiences amid the coronavirus pandemic. Many touchless technologies are built around Quick Response (QR) Codes. The boxy, square-and-dot-filled designs of QR Codes were originally used to track vehicles in manufacturing, but they didn’t gain much traction with consumers. Although they have been around for more than 20 years, QR Codes are making a huge comeback as we focus our attention on touchless technology.

A QR Code works similarly to a barcode at the supermarket. Most Android and Apple devices have a QR Code reader built into the camera. When your smartphone scans the code, it translates the information into a recognizable link. A QR Code is a gateway to any mobile content, such as websites, phone numbers or contacts; it can also trigger any app to open on a mobile device. And it can even enable a bring-your-own-control interface for technology in corporate environments.

Imagine walking into a meeting space and obtaining access to the control system without needing to touch any surfaces or devices. No more fumbling with a control panel or wondering when it was last sanitized. QSC, available through AV Planners, has introduced a hands-free way to manage a meeting room control system with a mobile device or tablet. The bring-your-own-control (BYOC) interface enables users to scan the QR Code on the touch panel display, prompting the QSC application. Through the Q-SYS Ecosystem, users can manage nearly every aspect of technology in a meeting space — including audio, video, lighting, cameras, microphones, scheduling and third-party systems — without needing to touch a control panel.

“QSC is proud to offer a comprehensive, touchfree meeting space solution within the Q-SYS Ecosystem that goes far beyond QR Code-activated control on your smartphone,” explained Patrick Heyn, senior director of marketing for QSC Systems. “Its integrated control engine allows for customizable automation — like motion-triggered toggles for room displays, video signage and audio reminders for  resetting the room, and smart meeting room timers to limit exposure time  — to help protect your meeting attendees.”

Q-SYS has included sample designs with social distancing logic in its BYOC interface. The fully annotated files trigger social distancing video signage at the beginning of each meeting. Additionally, users can configure meeting times to avoid long-term exposures, pair motion sensors with room displays and remind meeting-goers to clean and reset the room after each meeting. The entire BYOC interface is designed to create a safe work environment while enabling collaboration and connectivity. For more information on QSC’s BYOC interface, visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c0iGt4Wfxd0&feature=emb_logo.

At AV Planners, we drive experiences with AV. A QR Code provides an edge for corporate experiences in a world where we’re embracing touchless technology. As a licensed QSC dealer, we can design and implement the Q-SYS Ecosystem for a safe yet functional workplace. Contact AV Planners via email at info@avplanners.com, or call us at 213-493-6473 to learn more about our services. Keep up with the latest news from AV Planners on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.