Video Conferencing round the–Thanksgiving table?!?

Wouldn’t it be great if we could videoconference our thanksgiving dinner? We’d save time and money avoiding travel, we could wear shorts and flip flops under the table, and we’d have a TV style production video to watch and cherish for years to come—errr ok so maybe it’s not the greatest idea, but video conferencing in the work place can save company funds on travel costs and with the latest facial recognition technology, you won’t miss a single remark from attendees.

realpresence-group-500-tb-1The truth is video conferencing technology is at it’s peak, professional-grade audio and video make collaboration a breeze, so you can truly forget about the tech and focus on the meeting.


Take for example one of our favorite collaboration tools by Polycom, the RealPresence Group 500 Series, a enterprise-grade collaboration solution whose content and video technology is raising the bar for tracking technology and data collection so you don’t miss a thing.


It begins with it’s groundbreaking video experience, take for example it’s Eagle Eye Producer and EagleEye Director features. This might sound crazy but its innovative technology zooms in on whoever is speaking, and it’s not just following noise, the camera actually recognizes eyes, noise, and mouth to determine who is speaking then automatically frames the shot to that person. When other participants join the meeting, it’s facial-tracking algorithm detects them and begins to frame all guests as they enter the room and even take into account their body language and movements to accurately frame them as they speak.


Gone are any dizzy or disorienting camera movements, the Polycom EagleEye IV camera seamlessly adjusts much like a television production, which switches from a close up to a wide establishing shot of the scene, then back to a close up when speakers trade off speaking. The equipment gets a view of the room and adjusts to find faces then tracking and framing them perfectly using 1080p image quality, 12x or 4z zoom, and 180 degree panning.


The camera also comes with an optional wide-angle lens adapter to help make sure everyone is on screen and not bunched up to get into the shot. The adapter expands the already wide, 65-degree viewing angle to an impressive 85-degrees. If you have a smaller room, the Polycom EagleEye Acoustic is a smaller solution which is easy to set up that doesn’t skimp on image quality.

But it’s more than just a video set up, the Polycom RealPresence works flawlessly with Skype for Business and integrates with all other collaboration devices. Did we mention you can also keep track of participation analytics?!


When you see how flawlessly and smooth your cameras starts switching between speakers and following them around without a problem at the office, you might actually consider getting one installed in the family dining room for next year’s thanksgiving….?


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