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As clients expect more when it comes to the visualization of data in real-time is not just a part of demonstrating how well a campaign is performing, it’s also encouraging everyone to become an active participant in the meeting. It’s why Casanova/McCann, one of the largest independent advertising agencies in the U.S. turned to AV Planners when they envisioned a 360 degree interactive room to stay on top of social media data and analytics as it changes. ‘‘Casanova, wanted to have the ability to review their ad campaigns in real time while their Clients are becoming more savvy in terms of what they want from the as well as demand more from their Social Media campaigns. Getting a real time view at how well their ad campaigns are performing them exactly what they are getting.’’ Says AV Planners CEO, Craig Heiman. The challenge of creating not just a state of the art room but, a space that takes visualization to the next level while keeping information organized with the various data platforms was imperative. ‘‘It’s not just about the content, it’s also about the delivery and how it’s going to work so they can actually sit there and interact with a client.’’ said Eric Petersen PM at AV Planners. ‘‘ Applications and custom dashboards were created to clearly visualize a lot of information from Social Media.’’


Digital Interactive Room

With five 46” NEC displays, Every wall in the room has something to look at. The main wall in their ‘live space’ as the Casanova team prefers to call it, has two crisp portrait displays for graphics and data, the wall to the right has 3 landscape displays, while another has a smaller display. Meanwhile, the 4th is a top to bottom painted whiteboard, which provides an entire wall surface to interact with.

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‘‘The whole room looks like a command and control type of space where a table for a couple of operators can bring up dashboards, media, and videos. ’’ says Eric, ‘‘There are built in PCs and Mac computers, or if a member of the team would prefer to connect their laptop it can easily be hardwired or mirrored wirelessly using Crestron’s AirMedia.’’
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Add a few bar stools in the back for clients and the moment they walk into the room, they are fully submerged in a unique space, ready to be pitched or observe the work being done in their campaign, in real-time.
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With endless customization capabilities, several displays as well as source options you’d imagine the task of training would be daunting, however AV Planners programmed the space with light, simple code that is very intuitive with next to no training required. Staying focused on keeping it simple and easy to use with some good default settings and presets,  a simple 5-10 minute explanation and you’re up and running.
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