The Cost Effective and Easy to Use Devio SCR 25 by Biamp

By August 14, 2018News

Everything seems to be wireless these days. What happened to all the wires? You walk down the street and see people talking to themselves. More often than not they’re talking to other people, using the magical power of Bluetooth

Biamp Systems has been developing AV hardware and software for over 40 years. In this time they have found the niches in the AV market which need filling. With the Devio SCR 25, that niche is Bluetooth wireless integration into conference and huddle rooms. They made the Devio system with “simplicity in mind”, with the belief that complicated AV systems defeat the purpose, ie effective communication.

Huddle Rooms Are Where It Is At

In the age of shared workspaces and open plan offices, huddle rooms have become a commodity. Getting some time alone with colleagues or clients to collaborate, brainstorm or meet, is precious. These rooms need to fill certain needs.

Firstly, they need to have powerful technology which is very easy to use. Secondly, they need to be cost-effective. Lastly, they should be able to work with the users existing or preferential software and hardware.

The Devio SCR 25 Has Got You Covered

The Devio SCR 25 addresses all three points mentioned above. It is high quality and cost-effective. This enables almost any space to deploy it. Its ease of use allows for productivity after just a few minutes of setup.

And lastly, users are able to simply plug in their own laptop or almost any USB camera, or they can use an in-room computer and log in to there favourite meeting software. This could be Microsoft Skype for Business/Microsoft Teams, Zoom, BlueJeans, Google Hangouts/Google Meet, and many other options.

One More Thing

Biamp prides itself on delivering the highest quality audio through the Devio series. This is done by pairing it with Biamp’s Beamtracking microphones. Cancel out echo for crisp clear audio. Auto set up feature, optimizes the space for the best sound quality

So, go on, get collaborating.

Need Help With It All?

As with all audiovisual setups, it important that the technology compliments each other and space its in.  For that reason, the Devil Is best paired with high definition cameras, monitors and overall well-designed spaces and on. For any of these solutions, general advice or direction, please get in touch with us at 213-493-6473 or