Best Tech of NAB 2016

By April 18, 2016News

This weekend at NAB 2016, everyone from broadcasters to manufactures had one word coming out of their mouths, 4k. But it was Sony gave the most to talk about on the subject with the introduction of the HDC-4800, an all-new 4k high frame rate camera that combines 4k resolutions with a high frame rate capacity. What else makes it so great? Check out the specs:


Sony HDC-4800

  • Super 3fMM 4k CMOS sensor with HD allows you to cut-out and zoom into the images, awesome capabilities for sports and live events.
  • Speaking of live content it comes with the IP Live production system complete with Networked Media Interface for 4k content delivery.
  • Storage, an updated Optical Disc Archive System! (See Below)


Sony Optical Disk Archive System

  • Same storage on the camera above, these little guys were developed jointly by Sony and Panasonic! Whaaaaat!? We know, pretty amazing right? Not only that but currently there are 42 companies that are backing it up, and who wouldn’t? It has a 100 year shelf life and a single cartridge can hold up to 3.3 TB .



  • And it doesn’t seem like virtual reality is going to be just a fad (this time anyway), NBC has been seriously backing up this new technology and looking to market toward sports fans.



  • Everyone from Clearplay to IBM and apple has an application they are drying to be a part of. The key and difference? Who’s cloud-based service or interface is more reliable and is it safe?

It’s really exciting to see so many companies working together and being on the same page on new technology, Did you follow along with or attend NAB 2016? Share your thoughts and photos! Tweet at us @AVPlanners