Taking Avocor Interactive Displays to the Next Level With Zoom

By September 7, 2018News

We all remember our first-grade classrooms. All the children gathered around the chalkboard or whiteboard. This is where we started our lives, where we learned to interact with the information the world throws at us. This interaction is in our blood. Then the world went digital, and information was now everywhere. We needed something to focus our attention. Something to bring us back to the days when information was presented to us in a clear and understandable manner. Enter, interactive displays.

We love finding out about products which automatically pique or interest. Avacor’s interactive displays did just that. When they came on to our radar we were excited and instantly realized their technological prowess.

What Are Interactive Displays?

Like its predecessor, the whiteboard, interactive displays are intuitive and easy to operate. They are quickly becoming the industry standard in enterprise and education. However, as with all things, there are different levels of quality across many different brands.

What Are Avocor Interactive Displays?

Avocor has dazzled the AV world with their offering.  Their interactive displays come in 65, 75, 86 inch options. They are incredibly slim, easy to put up without any additional heavy-duty mounting. You are able to interact with the display using 20 ultrafast touch points, this makes it easy for more than one person to use the display at once.

Their powerful 4K displays make sure your clients are impressed by the clarity and brilliance, as well as the quality of your interactive presentation. In addition to that, Avocor Interactive Displays has a range of connectivity options, such as HDMI, ethernet or even connect wirelessly over Wifi.

How To Maximize Your Avocor Interactive Display Experience?

This is where Zoom comes on the scene. Zoom is software-based video, audio, and wireless content sharing. In general, Zoom is deployed on monitors or projectors. However, by pairing your Avocor interactive display with Zoom software, you are able to get the best of both solutions.

When we were kids, teachers would write on the whiteboard and we would listen. Now, the power is ours. Its called interactive whiteboarding and zoom has made this possible. We are used to sharing documents and notes in live time, but the ability to brainstorm, sketch or annotate in live time, utilizing one or many Avacor displays.

Let Us Put It All Together For You

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