Is your Audio Visual Network Secure?

By November 14, 2017News, Reviews

Let AV Planners design an AV system with the most advanced security video management system.

Your AV network should be just as secure as your IT network. Especially when sharing sensitive content such  as corporate reports, roadmaps presentations, intellectual property, and trade secrets. Our systems are designed utilizing the Crestron DM NVX which has the following advanced network security features:

  • AES Encryption: Ensures secure transmissions. Same protocol as banks use to protect online transactions.
  • 802. 1x Authentication: Ensures that every device on the network is explicitly authorized by the IT department.
  • Active Directory: Centralized credential management ensures that only authorized users gain access.
  • SSH Network Protocol: Encrypts and protects communications. Whereas, Telnet- used in other network AV products, does not.
  • Secure CIP: Ensures control communications between Crestron control processors and NVX devices are secure.


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