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The Wall-Sized Interactive Experience of T1V’s ThinkHub Canvas

Imagine a wall-sized tablet, where you can drag, drop, pitch, zoom, annotate, and view an unlimited amount of devices and just about any media type. We’re talking about the latest breakthrough software by T1V, ThinkHub, a bring your own device collaboration system that’s a unique interactive experience unlike any other.

Let’s break it down by the 4 Multi M’s:


The multi-touch features that have revolutionized the mobile phone industry have made their way into the conference room, using gesture recognition as a natural, effective, and fluid way to present ideas. Complete with a dynamic menu, a simple tap unlocks user tools to annotate, switch views, save, edit or export.

With Mod Mode, also known as Mirror Own Device mode, users are able to share ideas with the group simultaneously. Whether they are running iOS or Windows, Mobile phones or Laptops, ThinkHub technology is able to connect everyone in real time. Did we mention it features unlimited devices?

But the interaction isn’t limited to a room; the Web Browser feature allows anyone, anywhere in the world to join in, as well as allowing access to web-based content.

The ThinkHub canvas includes support for photos, videos, PDFs and PowerPoint presentations making it a worry free, all in one solution. Its use in various outlets goes beyond the office, and includes retail, museums, universities… the applications are endless.

And once you’re done with your session, there isn’t a need to worry about missing a point, simply save and email your canvas for easy review.

T1V News

T1V wins a BEST of InfoComm 2016 Award from rAVe [Publications]

T1V ThinkHub for Best New Presentation Product.

Check out this article explaining how and why this product was picked for the win.

Here’s a link to the awards post: http://www.ravepubs.com/best-infocomm-2016-awards/

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