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Need a Video Conference Room in Mid-Wilshire?

Need a Video Conference Room in Mid-Wilshire?


Looking for a high-tech professional meeting room with a stunning view of the Hollywood sign?

AV Planners offers a modern, versatile and impressive meeting space for your video conferencing call or presentation needs. Fully equipped with the latest video and teleconferencing system, including two 65’’ Samsung Displays, Shure Ceiling Mics, with Creston Control as well as Polycom’s HDX System, it’s the perfect atmosphere to close that business deal, collaborate, organize or share ideas. Also included is a fully trained staff member to assist during your meeting.

The space can be reserved by the hour or by the day, at the conveniently located in Mid-Wilshire at the AV Planners Corporate office at 3701 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 1060, in Los Angeles.


Meet & work anywhere, anytime with whyGo!

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To book your next meeting, contact the AV Planners booking department at, call us at 800-409-3587, tweet us @AVPlanners or fill out the contact form below  – we’d love to chat!







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