It’s National Analog Day!

By August 11, 2017News

It’s National Analog Day!


A day to get away from your computer and mobile devices. Imagine our digital world going dark? There would be a few perks…




Replace computers with vintage typewritersSure we’d have a no ‘‘Backspace’’ key!  But you would probably take your time writing that memo, or you’ll have to start over again…the entire thing. Over again… and again…and again.


E-mail vs. US Mail

Oops! That email instantly landed in your recipients inbox. its much more difficult to bullock send a carefully typed, thought-out letter. On the plus side, an actual piece of mail might get picked up and not overlooked in a crowded inbox. Plus, how fun is it to actually use your letter opener. Yay!


Text vs. Phone Call

Got a land line? You might get into a panic when your familiar  text notification gets stretched out into loud ringing sound. No, it’s not an alarm, you’re receiving an actual phone call! Get personal. Hear a voice. Pick up the tone of the conversation you just can’t get from a text.


Streaming vs Records

At least you can still listen to music at work. Way back when people picked up an album and stuck to the 12 songs or so…not the 30 million + songs you can stream now-a-days. (You know that equates to around 230 years of listening?) Stick to 1 album, 12 songs and you might find a hidden gem.

Disconnecting is about retaining information, and remembering why we connect in the first place while appreciating what we do, all day, everyday,  just a bit more.


Happy Analog Day! From AV Planners

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