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About AV Planners 

AV Planners is an audio visual solution company that specializes in custom designed state-of-the-art installations for corporate and commercial settings. Servicing eighteen major markets in the United States and with over a decade offering unique personal service for display and technology, video walls, huddle rooms and video conferencing solutions. AV Planners uses only the highest performance audio visual equipment from the most reliable manufacturers in the industry. At AV Planners, our goal is to help our clients meet their goals by improving their communications with the most advanced collaboration tools providing top-of-the-line systems of every size, budget and level of complexity.

AV Planners, if you can imagine it, we’ll make it happen.

How We Work

As a leading provider of design build audio visual services, AV Planners promotes a work environment that encourages a creative and entrepreneurial spirit.



Selecting the equipment and the technology for the environment to serve the purpose of the client.



CAD Drawings with detailed information on the interconnection of all equipment and documentation.



Certified installation of all equipment that is procured by AV Planners. Testing on all equipment at post installation, based on industry standards.



Certified technicians service all equipment installed, which includes all preventive maintenance care.


The ability of any company to move forward and expand stems from its ability to stay connected. All of our audio visual solutions are aimed at providing companies with the tools they need to grow their business without the threat of outdated technology or constant glitches delaying meetings and conference calls.

We can provide offices with solutions to all of their audio visual needs, from installing sleek LCD displays and HD cameras in individual offices and conference rooms to helping offices update their old equipment for more efficient collaboration. We promise excellent customer service coupled with expert advice to help you find out what solutions work best for you and your company.

We offer installation, consulting, and creative services for the following products:

Video Conferencing Solutions

We can set up even the most complicated video conferencing calls to keep you connected with employees, clients, or other offices.

Unified Communications

Get all of your communication systems synced to make sure that your office never misses a beat and gets the most out of their communications package.

Video Walls

Help your company say what they want, how they want, with a state of the art Video Wall in your reception area or conference room.

Digital Signage

A much more advanced alternative to static signage—our digital signage solutions provide customers with sharp, clean interfaces for easy interactions, simplified content replacement, and a more modern approach to business.

Projections Technology

Make sure that your office is equipped with the most advanced in projections technologies to ensure that every meeting, presentation, and exhibition goes off without a hitch.

Digital Media

Having the best in digital media technologies will help you and your business create and share compelling content across a wide variety of platforms for better marketing and broadcasting.

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