6 Tips To Working Remotely Using Technology


  1. Technology in the office should be up to date and efficient.

Technology is what makes working off site possible, making sure your system is working smoothly is key. The office is the main hub, it’s what everyone relies on and making sure it’s up to date means everything is running efficiently . AV Planners offers multi-point inspection maintenance service to fix minor inconveniences before they become a headache, we can even monitor your system remotely.

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  1. Check in often during the day.

Even if you’re not physically in the office, it’s important to make your presence known. Checking in during the day reminds your team that you’re available even if you’re out of sight. Communication is important, so make sure you’re available.

  1. Make sure your remote device is synced up with the company’s technology.

Your devices are your link to the workplace and it’s an important responsibility to make sure they are up to date and compatible with the tech in the office. Today, there are several conferencing programs that allow for easy sync no matter what device you prefer to work with.

  1. Reply to emails in a clear and concise manner.

Ever get overwhelmed in a chain of forwards and replies? It’s an unnecessary hassle, make sure to address the important key points in your reply to avoid unnecessary back and forth.

  1. Avoid sending attachments.

While sometimes there isn’t a way around having to send attachments, today’s technology allows for documents to be easily shared and revised. The right tools can ease team collaboration and countless revision attachments to be sent back and forth. Some great collaborations options are Google Docs/DriveTrello or Basecamp. The right Audio Visual software and hardware can also work together with these programs for easy presentation among colleagues or clients.

  1. Schedule daily or weekly meeting times that are consistent over time.

Time management allows the entire team to work more efficiently. Staying consistent with daily or weekly meeting can help develop a workflow. The right tools can make it easy to schedule a meeting and book a conference or huddle space in the office as well as send teleconference meeting information all within the same program.

While there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution to collaborating with team members that work remotely, there are however custom solutions that can ease the process on both ends.

Let AV Planners upgrade or customize, build and install your next system. Give us a call at at 800-409-3587, send us an email at info@avplanners.com, or fill out the contact form below for info on pricing and installation.

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