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Shure MXA90

Because aesthetics is just as important as function, the New Shure MXA90 ceiling mics can be up to 20’ high flush from the ceiling. This panel microphone has over 100 elements, it’s got rows of tiny microphone components and uses the phase relationship between them to steer and point the lobes around the table, providing a higher lever of control, much higher resolution of audio, and it uses Dante audio.

Creston DMPS3-300

Imagine controlling more than just every AV device in the room, but extending fully programmable control to the room lighting, window shades and projection screens. In addition, the integrated 3-series control system not only supports Creston touch screens, keypads and wireless remotes but also Crestron control apps and Fusion Cloud, meaning you can control it all with any of your touch screen devices including your phone whether it’s an Apple IOS or Andoird phone or just keeping old school with universal remotes via external RC-5 compatinle IR recivers. .


AVTEQ, the custom workplace furniture experts, specializes in custom conference tables. With custom shapes to fit your space and a wide range of finishes and colors to match your existing space.

Vaddio's ConferenceSHOT

A USB 3.0 camera that includes integrated audio as well as the ability to connect two microphones and external speakers directly to the camera. It's 10x Zoom and 74 degree wide horizontal field of view supports up to 1080p/60 resolution. It's the latest technology for any conference room.

Executive Boardroom

Your everyday go-to collaboration workspace for internal meetings & teleconferencing.

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Huddle Room

Cozy spaces where tech connectivity is important.

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Crestron Air-Media

Say you’d like to avoid cables all together, or you need to share content from more than one attendee… up to 32 people to be exact, the solution is Crestron’s Air Media, use it to wirelessly present without interference. The best part is, it works with practically any device.

Vaddio RoboSHOT

Featuring simultaneous USB 3.0 Streaming, as well as IP High Defention Streaming and HDMI Video outputs, it’s the must have huddle cam, did we mention a 12x Optical Zoom and Tri-Synchrounous Motion? All that pluse a 73-degree wide field of view for any small to medium sized space.

Biamp Devio

Devio is THE collaboration tool for corporate huddle spaces, brining connectivity to your technology. Featuring powerful features such as acoustic echo cancellation, automatic gain control and beamforming microphone technology allow everyone in the room to be heard. And now, Biamp has taken that beamforming technology and delivered it in a ceiling mounted version. This frees up valuable table space for huddle rooms without giving up any of the great features of Devio.

NEC’s 55" V552-TM/b>

The commercial-grade LCD panel and components is everything and more you could possibly want in a touch integrated large-screen LCD display. Featuring LED-backlighting , up to 6 simultaneous touches, and low-profile 10W speakers, you’re ready to share, collaborate and present with the ease and power of touch.


Biamp Tesira forte

Audio solutions that use VoIP can be challenging, complex, and time-consuming to design and install.

Epson BrightLink 595Wi

With 3300 lumens of color brightness1 and 3300 lumens of white brightness1, the 595Wi delivers truly dynamic images. And, it takes kinesthetic learning to new heights. With touch- and pen-based interactivity, the 595Wi makes it easy to draw and collaborate using any wall and familiar, intuitive gestures.

Crestron Room Scheduler

We’ve all been there, and it’s a situation that isn’t comfortable for either party. No one wants to barge in and interrupt, and for everyone there, it can really disturb the flow of a meeting; it’s a distraction that can be avoided with a web-based room scheduler.


The days of simple podiums are nearly behind us, although that option still exists, today’s modern lecterns can help you stay organized and ease the use of your technology whether you’re doing a public speech in an auditorium, classroom, place of worship or workplace conference room.

Da Lite Screen

Who says you can't get a great projection picture even in brightly lit rooms? Check out the latest ambient light-rejecting technology by Da-Lite. Mark Coxon shows us just how the Parallax screen works.

Training Room

Digital displays & interactive technologies to inform guests & clients.

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Community Space

From work to leisure, the open-plan space has taken over the cubicle using innovative tech to enhance the flow of information.

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Plug-and-Play Workstations

Bringing your own device? In BYOD settings, just plug in your laptop and you're powered up, and ready to share and collaborate with your team.

Modern Phonebooth

A necessary throwback! Framery O is a modern phone booth, install it in your open office to have private calls or video conferences without disturbing your colleagues.

Sound Masking by Cambridge Sound

Protect your privacy in noisy environments. Use sound masking technology to cover unwanted chatter by adding white noise tuned at the same frequency of human speech.

Google Jamboard

G Suite the all-in-one package that combines Gmail, Docs and Calendar now welcomes the Google Jamboard, a game changer in the world of cloud collaboration.

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