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The smaller, smarter huddle space by Crestron

A Visual History of Computer Monitors

A Visual History of Computer Monitors   1960s The ‘‘Glass Teletype’’ came about in the early 60s, it was text only but much faster and much more convenient than paper and so it became the main interface between a user and computer for nearly 2 decades.     Late 1970s Apple’s Steve Wozniak was one of the guys behind the Apple I, it was the first time a CCTV video monitor was used as a display, video outputs! Pretty cool huh?     1983 Get ready for the nostalgia to start hitting… the Commodore 1702. The COLOR composite video monitor with it’s high(er)-quality image included early S-Video connection and really made your Commodore 64 look awesome! You know, to play Jumpman and stuff.     1987 512 by 342 pixel bitmapped graphics!!!! Yup, with it’s high-resolution, it was the sharpest and accurate color available, it was the Macintosh II and

A Visual History of Computer Monitors

When Audio Fails.

  When Audio Fails. What can be more frustrating than not being able to hear your collaborator on the far end during a conference call? How many times can you ask someone to repeat what he or she said? The truth is there is nothing more infuriating than when audio fails so we came up with our list of our Top 8 Most Annoying Audio Fails.   Someone has been messing with the technology When someone rearranges your system, that techy person that feels the need to add more bass to the audio or adjust a mic to their liking. It’s not a problem; in fact there are many solutions that will automatically adjust for individual settings. There is no need to manually change them; the right system can have multiple pre-programmed settings, so it’s ready to go no matter who was using it before you.   Voice is out

When Audio Fails.

Logitech® BASE for iPad Pro

Logitech® BASE Your iPad is not just for on the go, give it a place on your desk. Now your iPad pro can be used as an extension of your laptop or desktop screen for your e-mail, calendar, or notes. Logitech BASE, is a charging stand with smart connector technology made specifically for the iPad Pro. It’s an easy way to multi-task and stay productive while having certain features at a glance. You can use the hands free Siri option to set up meetings or reminders while in the office. Just say ‘ Hey , Siri’ and ask to place a call, check the weather, get the local time of your client or bring up your schedule. It’s easy to doc, you don’t need to plug it in to recharge and it’s angled at a position for optimal viewing on your desk. KEY FEATURES Made of high-grade aluminum Charging cradle

Logitech® BASE for iPad Pro