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Case Studies

Christie Parker Hale

Christie Parker Hale


Since 1958 the CPH law firm has provided legal representation for some of the leading companies worldwide.

Byron Hibdon, Executive Director of CPH, cited the functionality and esthetics of the newGlendaleoffices. “We are currently operating on five floors in space designed over 15 Years ago in our Pasadena office. The new Glendale office will be far more efficient with all the personnel located on two floors, and updated as to design, functionality and technology.”


The firm needed to work within a smaller space, update the technology, and increase the amount of meeting areas.


CPH and AVP created a Multi-Purpose room that can act as one large “all hands” meeting room or divided into two smaller conference rooms. This includes two audio zones that can be isolated or combined together. AV Planners also installed one 60” Samsung Screen and a NEC LCD Projector that can be displayed together in a video conferencing environment or can be used separately when the rooms are divided.

Client Conference rooms were designed to maximize function and to accommodate CPH clients. The rooms have a 60” Samsung LCD screen mounted for presentations and the ability to use it with the Polycom HDX 8000 system. Another important factor is ease of control for the CPH, so AV Planners incorporated a Crestron System that enables users to control all of the AV functions from a simple touch panel interface.


Squire, Patton & Boggs


Squire, Patton & Boggs is a law firm with offices worldwide. With many high-profile clients, Squire, Patton & Boggs is a prestigious company that is home to artwork from around the world. In fact, the law firm designed their entire Los Angeles downtown office to reflect and compliment their pieces from the early Ming dynasty.


Squire, Patton & Boggs wanted an AV system that didn’t distract from their interior design. AV Planners designed a unique system to keep the technology well hidden, yet functional and easy to manage.


Two conference rooms, one Polycom HDX 8000 video conference system, audio system, eight Shure low profile microphones, Creston control, display systems, two LCD-mounted LCD projectors (both projectors were recessed into the architecture), two 70” Samsung LCD screens, and two Dalite electric screens.


Blue Haven Initiative


Blue Haven Initiative in Boston, MA makes investments in profitable companies, nonprofit organizations and new ventures creating positive social or environmental impact. To enhance innovation, They invest using a variety of capital types, including equity, debt, and hybrid structures.
Blue Haven strives to improve social and environmental performance across our portfolio while optimizing financial returns appropriate to each asset class.


Having the unique challenge of large windows reflecting sunlight caused the option of a projection screen impossible, the alternative would be a large flat panel screen. However, the price and logistics of getting the screen up to the suite was cost prohibited.


The solution was a video wall. AV Planners created a 3D design where we are able to visualize the room with the nine screens that create one large 16:10, 144’’ diagonal display.

Video walls configurations are practically limitless, having additional advantages to single large screens, including the ability to customize individual tile layouts with several sources from video to data, or overlap to form one large screen. AV Planners installed nine Samsung 46” displays that were tiled together to create a 144” diagonal screen.




Co-Opportunity has been providing natural, organic and local foods to the Santa Monica area since 1974. They have largest, freshest selections of certified organic produce, in addition to a wide variety of natural, healthy foods. This is the original Whole Foods!


The original Co-op Deli and Juice bar menu board was a classic schoolhouse chalkboard, giving that traditional, home grown feeling when guests walked into the store. However, having to constantly manually update the board with changing pricing, menu items and store messaging was an issue.

Reliability, for a display on up 15 hour days, 7 days a week, without being invasive required a low profile stand to hide cables while taking into account the ceiling height to mount the LCD screens.

How to imitate the look and feel of traditional signage while allowing constant changes by the internal marketing team?


AV Planners created a high-tech menu board that gave the appearance of the original chalkboard menu. The template design was developed exclusively for Co-op, emulating the original static display that had been in the market since they first opened their doors.

The upgrade would allow the Co-op marketing department to make changes to the sign remotely. In addition, the digital signage allowed additional space for Co-op to include social media and membership information as well as inform locals about what’s going on within their community,

The task of installing the screens at a comfortable viewing height and taking into account the high ceilings was solved by the use of a long adjustable 17’ mounting system by Chief. This gave the illusion of a floating effect that blended into the environment for a clean installation you’d almost forget you’re looking at an LED.

Equipment installed:

  • ADJ 48”-72 CMS0406 Pipe with the PCSU Chief Mount
  • Samsung 65” LED Screens
  • AV Planners proprietary Digital Signage Software and Media Player


Groupon, Inc.


Groupon Inc., which launched in Nov. 2008, features a daily deal on activities, restaurants, and shopping in a variety of cities across the U.S., Canada, and Europe. Groupon has more than 300 people working in their Chicago headquarters, a growing office in Palo Alto, CA, and local account executives in many additional cities. AV Planners was asked to design and install a video wall that was both functional and aesthetically pleasing. This project was to be completed on a strict budget and timeline.


Build a custom video wall that would be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Groupon not only desired a technology installation that would make a bold statement to their visitors and employees but would be cutting edge and innovative. This had to be done within budget and in a short time frame.


We used our custom digital signage software rather than traditional hardware-based solutions. This allowed for us to provide the customer with a wall that could be updated remotely, and at a third of the cost to traditional AV technology. The video wall, which is located in the main lobby of Groupon’s headquarters, has the capability to display multiple images (done by isolating each NEC P461 LCD screen) or a single, seamless image by tiling screens together.




As the oldest and largest healthcare company in the nation. McKesson  plays an integral role in healthcare  and has a unique vision for its future.  Mckesson  serves more than 50% of American hospitals, 20% of U.S. physicians and 96%  of the top 25 health plans, and deliver one-third of all medications used every day in North America.

Mckesson busiest call center in the nation requested AV Planners to design and install three video walls to replace their projections system.


The ceiling height was low and the system to able to be viewed from the far end and on either side of the room. Also during the installation of the video wall the projection system had to be online. AV Planners assembled each wall offsite and installed the system while the call center was still active. Installing each video wall separately to the call center would be able to still function.


AV Planners designed and  installed a video wall that would be used for command and control in a 24/7 application at the Alpharetta facility. The system consisted of three video walls. The center wall used four NEC 55″ LCD panels.

The two perimeter screens consisted of eight 46″ NEC screen. AV Planners was able to install the screens within 24 hours and while the installation was in progress keep the front projection system online until the system was ready for commissioning.


MGM Constellation Place


The MGM building is a high-profile building located in Century City CA. The building has more than one 1,000 tenants who pass through its lobby area daily. Constellation Place asked AV Planners to come up with a digital signage solution that was cutting edge, and needed to be able to with stand high levels of usage per day. AV Planners decided to utilize x2o media solution software suite which allowed for customization and easy access for the client to created updates.


Lobby displays can be a challenging environment for any media technology. The system has to be reliable and easy to make quick changes for multiple users.


The x2o Media Player provided a robust player solution for the environment. And an x2o remote transfer system was just the ticket for a flexible, yet sophisticated content management system to meet the buildings scheduling demands.


Southern Wines


Southern Wines awarded AV Planners a contract to redesign and install Southern Wines conference rooms throughout California. Each of the conference room had to have the same basic design functions throughout each office. One of the main objective was to make sure that the each conference room was designed for ease of use for a simple presentation. Or having the ability to collaborate with all of the Southern Wines offices on a National level. With the first installation at the Cerritos office AV Planners made sure that each of the CA offices had the same consistent design.


The Southern Wines Union city office in particular was challenging.  With three conference rooms that when the divisible walls open could seat up to 200 people. With A rectangular size of the room and standard ceiling heights and with all of three divisible walls opened seating was 200 people. and a with and unique to all of the offices because of the size of the main conference room when the divisible walls were opened.


AV Planners designed a system with a Creston Control system with a user interface that  allows for each of the presenter in each office to have the ability to control the conference room. With the ability to have a simple presentation to be able conduct a video conferencing call using the Polycom HDX 8000. At the Union City facility AV Planners installed two 90″ LCD screens at the front of the

large conference room. In addition four 46″ LCD screen were installed on the perimeters of the rooms to maximize the viewing area all the way to the back of the room,

As the country’s largest wine and spirits distributor, Southern is nationally recognized by its supplier partners as well as by its customers for its state-of-the-art distribution capabilities and its leading-edge information technology. And as the leader in the wine and spirits distribution business in the United States, Southern is committed to adhering to the highest professional and ethical standard in all of their corporate, civic and charitable activities.


Team One


Team One, headquartered in El Segundo, CA., is a full-service marketing communications agency that provides comprehensive brand consultancy, strategic planning, advertising, media planning and buying, social media, brand advocacy, relationship marketing, event marketing/promotions, interactive/digital services, web development, public relations, and graphic design.

The agency has regional offices in New York, Chicago, Atlanta and Washington, D.C. Current clients include: Lexus, the Lexus Dealer Association, The Ritz-Carlton, JW Marriott, Bombardier Flexjet, American Express, Northern Trust, Belkin Consumer Electronics, Häagen-Dazs, Edition Hotels, Renaissance Hotels, and Heal the Bay.


Team One had two boardrooms with outdated rear projection technology that needed to be upgraded for better image quality and compatibility with digital signals. AV Planners designed a solution that stayed within the allocated budget and kept the room’s aesthetics intact.


Replaced existing rear screen projection systems with 70” NEC LCD displays that were recessed into the walls.

AV Planners replaced the existing switching system with a Kramer digital scaling switcher that connects all sources (Macs, PCs, Blu-Ray and DirecTV) and outputs at 1080P via HDMI.

We also reprogrammed existing control system to work with the new system’s simplified Creston Control commands.

Latest News

High End AV Tech, SONY’s VPL GTZ1 Short Throw Projector

April 28, 2016
  SONY VPLGTZ1 we take an in-depth look at Sony’s latest Ultra short throw SXRD 4K Projector with 2K Lumen and Blue laser Phosphor technology. Special guest, Todd Best.

A History of outdoor Ads… from the roadside billboard to digital signage

April 21, 2016
We’ve come a long way since the earliest forms of outdoor advertising, budding in the 1830s by local establishments with simple painted signs or posters, till flash forwarding to today, where digital signage, just like it’s early predecessor, is a marketing must-have embraced by local business. Interested in seeing just how we got here? Here is a brief history of out door advertising in the United States: 1830s Much like today, business just needed to grab the attention of passers-by, so they started simple, by painting signs or putting posters up on walls to advertises whatever the business was selling, promoting, or just to let people know what merchant was there. Of course now we have digital signage, but the idea has always been simple, efficient and to the point and it’s probably why it’s stood the test of time. 1835 It was Jared Bell who first went big, creating 50 square foot posters to promote Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey’s circus…in New York of course! 1860s By the 1870s it was clear there was new form of business here, so billboard leasing’s became a common thing. Soon sign painting and bill-posting companies began to sprout out. 1900’s National campaigns became an important part of advertising for big companies such as Kellogg and Coca-Cola as well as government sponsored war effort or public service advertising, who doesn’t remember what Uncle Sam wants you for? 1920s-1980s Outdoor advertising really took over a life of it’s one, from huge partnerships and mergers to the creation of associations for standardization in terms of size and spacing, to third party data gatherers that analyzed just how much traffic a certain ad could be receiving. Although this was great for building name recognition for business, there were still many who tried to pass anti-billboard laws and initiatives. Today By 2005 we had the first digital billboards… and now, it seems like we are right back where it all stared, as digital signage becomes increasingly popular among business to attract customers or inform guests, in 100 years we just traded the paint for the pixels but the message is still the same. Are you ready to install some digital ads for your business or workplace? Give AV Planners a call to learn more, 800-409-3587, tweet at us @AVPlanners or fill out the contact form below:         Learn more about out-of-home (OOH) advertising, straight form the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) by clicking here: http://www.oaaa.org/About/HistoryofOOH.aspx

Skype for Business set to take over the Conference Room

April 20, 2016
Skype for Business set to take over the Conference Room Skype for Business has changed the way many collaborate with coworkers, clients and business partners. The professional software offers online meetings that include messaging, calls and video with up to 250 people via telephone or Internet connection, even if they aren’t Skype for business users. And with full Microsoft office suite compatibility, it’s easy to share and collaborate using applications like Word and PowerPoint. Sounds great right? For smart devices and desktop computers, but what if you could extend that into the conference room? Now you can… Crestron RL2 combines the Skype for Business software with the reliable and trusted hardware that can only comefrom Crestron for a complete all-in-one collaboration solution for your conference room. Imagine the convenience of scheduling meetings with Outlook, no fubbling for phone numbers or having to use a separate program to set up a meeting, in fact, the software automatically links to your conference room scheduler to book the room. Once you’re ready to attend your meeting, all it takes is a touch of a button to link all invitees instantly. But full integration means more than just setting up a call, you also have complete control of everything in the room, from window shades to room lighting and temperature to all your AV devices, whether you need a specific pre-set or need to make changes on the fly, it’s all just a few taps away from your touch screen. The compatibility goes beyond just calls, along with video teleconferencing, you could also share and annotate through interactive whiteboards or by sharing documents such as PowerPoint. And with top security and account management, you can trust your information is safe. The Crestron RL 2 Group Collaboration System for Skype for Business comes in a variety of solutions to best fit your unique needs whether it’s a huddle room, or large conference room. To learn more contact AV Planners at 800-409-3587, tweet at us @AVPlanners or fill out the contact form below: If you want to learn more now, Lance Martin from Crestron stopped by our AVPlanners office in Los Angeles to tell us more about this unique solution check it out right here: How to use Crestron RL 2 with Skype for Business in conference room setting. https://youtu.be/6HzqbXozHOw

Best Tech of NAB 2016

April 18, 2016
This weekend at NAB 2016, everyone from broadcasters to manufactures had one word coming out of their mouths, 4k. But it was Sony gave the most to talk about on the subject with the introduction of the HDC-4800, an all-new 4k high frame rate camera that combines 4k resolutions with a high frame rate capacity. What else makes it so great? Check out the specs: Sony HDC-4800 Super 3fMM 4k CMOS sensor with HD allows you to cut-out and zoom into the images, awesome capabilities for sports and live events. Speaking of live content it comes with the IP Live production system complete with Networked Media Interface for 4k content delivery. Storage, an updated Optical Disc Archive System! (See Below) Sony Optical Disk Archive System Same storage on the camera above, these little guys were developed jointly by Sony and Panasonic! Whaaaaat!? We know, pretty amazing right? Not only that but currently there are 42 companies that are backing it up, and who wouldn’t? It has a 100 year shelf life and a single cartridge can hold up to 3.3 TB . VR – And it doesn’t seem like virtual reality is going to be just a fad (this time anyway), NBC has been seriously backing up this new technology and looking to market toward sports fans.   Cloud Everyone from Clearplay to IBM and apple has an application they are drying to be a part of. The key and difference? Who’s cloud-based service or interface is more reliable and is it safe? It’s really exciting to see so many companies working together and being on the same page on new technology, Did you follow along with or attend NAB 2016? Share your thoughts and photos! Tweet at us @AVPlanners

5 Reasons: Why It’s Time for you to Upgrade your Office Furniture.

April 12, 2016
  The right furniture can reduce clutter, simplify use of equipment, help direct focus to the speaker, heck, it could even boost your confidence. This is why we sat down to chat with Dan Delgleize, VP of Sales for DWI Enterprises,  to find out exactly what the big deal is with Audio Visual Furniture. ‘‘Basically it’s furniture that’s designed to house any kind of audio and visual equipment.’’ Says Dan, ‘‘we build it around the monitors, rack mounted equipment, and it can be made to specifications.’’ Ok, so it’s a fancy desk right? Oh, but it’s so much more than that…we break it down for you with 5 Reasons: Why It’s Time for you to Upgrade your Office Furniture. Professional Look and Feel No one might say it out loud, but yes, everyone check out your environment. As a client, you might be inclined to judge someone’s work ethic by how orderly the space looks. Disorder and disorganization probably doesn’t leave the best impression. Speaking of chaos… Cables Are Not Cute Yes, it’s a wireless world… or so we are getting there. Until the day we don’t need to plug in for power, networking, sound, video, audio or hard drives, we seemed destined to deal with the cable disorder. But, there is a solution in the right furniture, ‘‘You get a beautiful piece of furniture that hides all the audio visual equipment so it’s appealing to the eye.’’ but as Dan mentions it can be much more than that, ‘‘very often we put cable management within the furniture, it makes it easier to access by drawer or doors that cover the hidden cables.’’ That’s right, no more figuring out if this cable is for this or that. It’s all there, simple, easy to use, and out of sight! Protect Your Investment A lot goes into planning and building your Audio Visual space, but why does it seem like people don’t protect their investment? So much is spent in purchasing the right system to end up placing it on any tabletop. Protect your investment, make sure your equipment has longer life by giving it a home. Durability Many people are inclined to spend a ton on equipment but then skimp on the furniture and let’s face it; this isn’t about furnishing that extra guest room at your place. This is a space people will use, a lot. You’d be surprised how quickly low quality furniture begins to degrade. You want something that’s going to last, not something you’ll need to replace a year from now. It’s why DWI prides themselves in using Architectural grade veneer and high pressure laminate ‘‘It’s geared more of a furniture line so most of it is wood, all types’’ and it’s guaranteed, ‘‘ we offer a 2 year warranty for workmanship and materials’’ says Dan.     But come on, you know the biggest reason is: Because you’re a grown up. You deserve it. Really to get out of that starter furniture and into some eye

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